visual works factory

we manufacture a hard copy of your dreams and stories.

designfabrika is a visual works factory that produces art including print and online media, logos & corporate identities, ad campaign materials and photography. Established on the most beautiful day of 2005, designfabrika was found by Oguzhan Aydın to achieve a dream of creating the best of everything that can be imagined.

By exceeding expectations in every aspect of new media design and branding, designfabrika is an instrumental part of marketing activities for many global corporations. By attracting and retaining the best talent in the industry, our goal at designfabrika is to produce original and excellent work to meet your marketing objectives. Every piece of artwork produced in our factory is crafted to perfection by involvement of our department directors, supervisors, line managers, operators and workers. We manufacture visualized stories that are core to establishing strong brands. We offer a full range of design and marketing services to accommodate every aspect of your marketing needs including;

  • Web / Interactive
  • iPhone Application Development
  • Print
  • E-Marketing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photography

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